Sunday, December 30, 2012

Wish list for 2013

What would I like in 2013?

#1 - A new Un set

There's little that I have enjoyed as much as the Unhinged and Unglued sets, and Wizards is way overdue on giving us another dose of silver-bordered goodness. I don't expect this Un-set to be universally accepted as EDH-legal by the Rules Committee, because the variation in decks, groups, and fun is so high.

By the way: if you've never played in a group where Un cards are legal, try it tomorrow. It's pretty outstanding. Tell your friends and give them a week to build decks with the cards.

The RC encourages local variations, and this is one of the best. Just make sure that the Un-decks don't get used with strangers. That can get awkward.

#2- Lands in Modern Masters

Have you seen what fetch lands and filter lands are going for? Filter lands are outstanding for three-or-more color decks. I've seen them in some cubes, but they were designed to enable many-colored decks. Cryptic Command could have cost UUUU, and with the filters, plus the Vivid lands and Reflecting Pool, it would not have been a problem.

The Zendikar fetch lands would be nice too. They are super unlikely to be printed in a set in the next two years, because Standard can't ever have fetches and shocks available together. Too good.

As it is, the shocks plus the Sunpetal Grove/Woodland Cemetery lands is a pretty outstanding mana base, especially once we get the Gatecrash lands.

We could use an infusion of City of Brass and Reflecting Pool too.

#3 - Websites/Forums to calm down about proxies

I've gotten in trouble with moderators on multiple sites because of the legal issues they percieve with my "How to Make Custom Generals" post. Some don't like the digital part, others don't like the physical part.

I've had some judges tell me that they want me to make them a custom general of their own. I've had some raise eyebrows at the presence of 'counterfeit' cards in my binder.

This is a gray area, but I've never tried to pass mine off as real cards. The theory is that others can use the process to make counterfeits, but that always seems flimsy to me.

Nonetheless, it remains a topic I get a lot of mail about, and it's something I will continue to do. If I ever make a cube, this will be how I do it.

#4 - Four-color legends worth building around

I have to be inspired to build a deck. The times where I've built a deck that didn't sing to me, it's just not as fun to play. My Cleric deck was an example of that. I really loved playing Clerics in 60-card casual, but the concept didn't translate to EDH at all.

The problem with this is that I can't define what will inspire me. It's tragic, I know, but again, something needs to sing to me. I feel the same way about Standard and Modern and such. When I have a deck that I like to play, and has even a chance of winning, I'll be all over that. So we will see what legends show up this year.

Between the rest of the RtR block, and the next Commander release, I'm optimistic about getting some four-color legends. Hopefully, they are amazing.

#5 - iPad

I just want one. No real justification. :D

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